More than 1100 Agencies use CrimeReports

CrimeReports is the nation’s largest consortium of agencies publishing incident-level information to the public. Socrata’s new design makes it easier for citizens to answer questions they have about crime incidents or trends in their area. In addition to providing accurate, timely information, the new site encourages citizens to submit tips and register private security cameras, in an effort to help increase neighborhood safety.

This subscription is for law enforcement agencies only, and allows you to publish your data to CrimeReports, embed the CrimeReports map on your website, and allow your citizens to explore your data and sign up for alerts. After submitting the form, a CrimeReports Integration Specialist will reach out to your office to begin the integration process.

Join CrimeReports Plus to further engage your citizens

With Plus, agencies can create their own agency-branded experience for citizens and media; a one-stop-shop for law enforcement to both share information with its community, as well as receive information back from its citizens. Additionally, agencies can integrate their social media accounts, upload custom geographic boundaries and analyze data by region, and make up to 2 years of information available.

0 to 50KPopulation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Regional Trends & Analysis
  • Custom URL
50K to 100KPopulation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Regional Trends & Analysis
  • Custom URL
More than 100KPopulation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Regional Trends & Analysis
  • Custom URL

CrimeReports Feature Matrix

Feature Legacy Free Premium
Access Methods
Access via CrimeReports.com
Access via iOS/Android App
Access via Custom Agency URL
Programmatic Access via Agency API
Embeds on Agency Site
Volume of Data 6 Months 3 Months 12 Months
Frequency of Updates Daily Weekly Daily
Provide Jurisdiction Boundaries
Provide Up to 3 Custom Categories
  • Community Boundaries (e.g. neighborhoods, wards)
  • Agency Operational Boundaries (e.g. Beats)
  • Legislative Boundaries (e.g.Council districts)
Integration with Open Data Network
See Crime Incidents on a Map
Filter Crimes by Date Range
(Only 30 day window)
Filter Crimes by Crime Type
See Basic Over Time Information
See Custom Boundaries on Map
Filter by Time of Day, Day of Week
See 911 Data on a Map
Filter Crimes by Custom Boundary
ANALYTICS (Citizen Based Consumption)
View Trends by Time of Day, Day of Week, etc.
View Trends by Crime Type
Custom Header, Logo, etc
Customizeable URL
Agency-Specific Messaging
Agency-Specific Content
Solicit Tips
Camera Registration
Share to Social Networks
Create Basic Alerts
Embed on Another Website
Agency Email Alerts